Admissions interviews

You may have the opportunity to interview with an admissions officer of a school that you are applying to. In that case, you should prepare some questions in advance. This will indicate not only your interest in that particular school, but also your seriousness about law school as the next step in your career path. There are lots of sources online about what to ask, but here are my suggestions:

Potential questions

Questions about admission

  • what are some of the characteristics you look for in applicants?
  • how much impact does the personal statement carry?
  • when can I expect to hear a decision?
  • what is your acceptance rate for in-state/out-of-state students?

Questions about finance

  • are there scholarship opportunities? [Scholarships are tricky. A school may offer a large scholarship, but it still may not be the best value. At my law school (University of Texas), the school offered mostly need-based scholarships because of the belief that the lower tuition compared to its peers already served as a merit-based scholarship.]
  • what is the typical debt load for a law graduate? [It's easy to borrow money but you should begin your legal career by having an estimate of what you will owe at the end of law school.]
  • what are typical first year salaries? [this will differ based on type of law -- public/big law firms/small to medium firms/geographic locations.]

Questions about the school

  • what is your incoming class size?
  • what is the typical size of a first year section?
  • can I take a tour/attend a class? [Taking a class was a good way to get a feel for the school.]
  • what resources do you have to assist in the transition to law school?
  • what opportunities are there for me to meet and interact with my peers?
  • what opportunities are there for me to meet and interact with professors?
  • which courses are required?
  • what is the grading curve for first year students?
  • what percentage of students participate in moot court/mock trial?
  • What is the competitive environment like? [law school involves competition against your fellow students -- a mandatory curve means that, the worse your friends do, the better it is for you. My experience was that UT students were extremely supportive of one another, though that could have changed. I have heard horror stories about other schools.]

Questions about jobs

  • what is the placement rate for students that graduated last year? What is your typical placement rate?
  • how many students find jobs through on campus interviews?
  • what is the on-campus interview process? [UT traditionally required employers to interview a certain number of people who sign up for interviews instead of being solely based on invitation, like most schools.]
  • Are there clerkship opportunities for first years?
  • How many second-years receive clerkship offers?
  • what kind of services are provided by the Career Services office?

Hope that helps a bit!